Monday, September 20, 2010

introducing...fifi flowers...

it was a while of my friends on facebook had posted some pictures of shoes...and asked everyone to pick their favorites...seems like an easy enough fun to pick your favorite person would get picked to win a selection of the shoes notecards...

i won! and i received them today...they are adorable!! fifi flowers is the artist of these lovely notecards...the best part? there is a bit of parisian flair in all she does...le fact...she is described as "painter of whimsy and fun with a parisian flair...

take a look at her website which is out her lovely etsy shop to see all the beautiful work she does...original paintings & commissioned art...

and here are MY beautiful notecards...can't wait to use them...i's all about the shoes...can you guess my favorites?

what is your favorite?

even the envelope has a tiny shoe...what can be better?

thank you fifi flowers!


  1. fifi - thanks again...i may have to order another set...i want to use them...but then i'm thinking maybe i should frame them! =)
    shirley & lesa...thank you for your comments! i felt pretty lucky when i got the message that i had won!

  2. How cute! My checks have heels on them.


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