Saturday, September 4, 2010

fashion funnies: back to school shopping & denial...

what happened to the days where school officially started after labor day weekend? most kids i know have already been back in school for 2 to 3 weeks...labor day was always the last summer splash event...before the dreaded exciting first day of school...

saw this comic strip in the sunday paper last week...made me smile...although i loved school...(especially the back to school shopping that was the start of it!) some don't...

(1st slide)mom: those colors look too christmasy

(2nd slide)mom: now you look like halloween

(3rd slide)mom: flag day

(4th slide)mom: thanksgiving

(5th slide)mom: easter. why do you keep picking clothes that say "holiday"?
child: i dunno. denial?


enjoy the long weekend! may it be safe, fun & fabulous!!

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