Thursday, January 7, 2010

fashion resolutions 2010...'s a new year, and most are settling back into a regular routine...after all the holiday festivities...and the new year's resolutions have been made...

on dec 31st...i presented all of you readers with the following question...

what is your beauty/fashion resolutions for 2010?

i also asked the question on twitter as well as my facebook fan page...

thank you all for your responses...although i did receive many responses saying that no resolutions were being made...

here are those who no particular order...

blog comments:

wendyb - It's not a resolution, but I'm excited to go into stores and look at merchandise in person now. I suddenly feel over the whole online thing. I want to see the details and get the feel of things, even if I'm just browsing!

the diva - Well my fashion resolution is more of a beauty resolution. I am going to make it a point to wear a full face everyday. I think it is important for a woman to look her best and make up does help. But sometimes I get lazy in the morning and I neglect to put all of it on. But this year I will put it on everyday even if I am just running to the grocery store. :)

adena - My fashion resolution is similar to The Diva's - I plan to make sure I'm put together (clothes-wise) every time I walk out the door. You'd think this would be a no-brainer, since as a fashion consultant, I'm always advising my clients about this very subject. But I fall into the same trap as everyone else - "I'm just going to run to the store, so I'm fine as I am for this one errand." Even if it's just to add a special scarf or throw on a cool jacket - Pull It Together!!

twitter comments: (if you would like to follow me elenadaciuk)

joulesstar - This is terrible, but, here goes ~ I will buy more shoes!

bobbinbombshell - mine is a resolution I can keep; to buy more shoes in 2010!

stylesample - Um...wear more black?

facebook comments: (fabulous finds)

jeanette - Yes I did! Buy less clothing :) Gotta do it

gerda - spend the big money on the basics. make sure I love it and that it fits right. AND try to use these colors.

stacy - I think my resolution to stop shopping is more of a financial necessity than anything else! Sad :(

jody - My resolution is to move away from green and bring more purples and blues back into my wardrobe. I'll still wear green, but not as much. Guess I'm right on track with Pantone!

shen - i'm finding excuses to wear more jewelry and high heels this year

all of these are fantastic wonderful for fashion resolution is to really think about each purchase...and buy only what i truly love...and really to work within my own in my closet...and rework items i have currently in a new way...and continue to buy vintage...and shoes!

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