Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the best and worst of 2009...

when it comes to the fashions of 2009...let us just say...that there are some i am happy to say goodbye to...i am pretty open minded when it comes to fashion trends...and working current trends into an existing truly is a passion for me...but then there are some trends that just leave you wondering...what were they thinking?

i came across a great article on the best and worst fashion trends of the decade...definately a great read with a little humor mixed in...

and then...i just had to share this fabulous post by bailey, meister & co - through the looking glass - a nice summary of different bloggers sharing their favorite & worst trends...

seems the harem pant wasn't very popular...although i know of one person who wears them well...and when i get her permission...i will post her pic to show you!

UPDATE: kelly gave me permission to post her pics...i think you will agree...very few can pull off this look...but kelly does it well! if you want style inspiration...i highly recommend you follow her fabulous blog the glamourai

here she is showing how to wear harem pants!

and here... messing with perfection =)

so what were your favorites? what were the items that you are ready to say goodbye to?


  1. Yikes, there was a lot of bad stuff out there over the past several years. Top 5 worst for me (in no particular order)...
    -trucker hats
    -velour jog suits
    -butt slogans (double whammy w/ butt slogans ON the velour jog suits!)

  2. There was more bad than good in 2009 for sure. I did like the infinity scarf and all the sequins. What I would like to see go away is the denim leggings. Whenever I see them it's like nails on a blackboard for me. I also hated the return of the fluorescent colors.

  3. stacy...don't even get me started on uggs... =)
    jennifer - i liked the infinity scarf as well...especially for those who have trouble tying scarves... =)
    thanks for your comments ladies...i lvoe to hear your thoughts!

  4. Things I would love to see go away... FOREVER:

    a.) half-calf/knee gladiator sandals
    (although, some ankle-high styles are worth keeping around)

    b.) Preggers tops/dresses - aka: "curtain shirts" (Wearing these when you're not preggers is unflattering... sorry ladies.)

    c.) Crocs

    d.) Extremely high waisted pants/shorts - aka: mom jeans

    e.) Tube-tops with bra straps showing. Should I say more? list continues... but I'll end it here! ^_* hehe

  5. hi stef! thanks for your comments...and 1 on my list is and has always been crocs...never understood them other than for gardening needs =) thanks for reading...and for your comments!


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