Saturday, January 16, 2010

fashion funnies: hourglass to timeless...

i adore comic strips...about can they not make you smile and perhaps not take things so seriously? so i thought that i would make this a regular feature on my blog...i'm thinking saturday would be a good day for it...=)

and i'm calling it: fashion funnies (thanks adena)

if you come across some...and would like to share them on this blog...i would love it...and of will be given where credit is due...

have a fabulous saturday!!


  1. That's so cute! I just came across a fashion comic strip and I'm trying to find it - I'll pass it on when I do! ♥

  2. hi denise! that would be fabulous!! please email it to me whenever you find it... =)

  3. Cute one! And thanks for your nice comment.

  4. couture allure (jody) just puts a smile on your

    wendyb - you are most reading your posts...

    and ladies...if you come across any others...please send them my way! much appreciated!


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