Friday, May 3, 2013

what not to wear when working from home...part 3

truth be told...working from home does have its if you are one of those peeps...whether you work from home full time...or have the ability to conduct business off site for a few days a week...enjoy it...enjoy the non commute...enjoy the quiet...enjoy lots of things...but don't get into a mode of being sloppily dressed...

as i dove into this subject of what not to wear when working from home part 1 & part on the links if you would like a refresher...the last part of this is scenario time...perhaps you are thinking...i'm one will see i don't look that bad...

may i say first & foremost...look your best for yourself...not others...YOU deserve it!  but put your self in these situations...and what would your thought be?

scenario 1:  you are expecting something in the mail...and your mailbox is 20 feet from your are in your home work attire...would you be mortified if a neighbor greeted you at your mailbox?

scenario 2:  a friend knows you're working from home today and calls you near noon with a last minute lunch invitation.  would you be able to say yes...jump in the car as soon as you hung up the phone...and head to the restaurant?

scenario 3:  your boss sends an email blast and wants to set up a video conference in 30 minutes...are you scrambling to pull a look together or are you focused on the work agenda so you can be sharp and ready?

the great thing about working from home is that you do have the freedom to create your own dress code...what works for you?  and what is comfortable for you?  maybe you say yes to jeans but pair them with a silky jersey t-shirt...a navy easy-fit cotton blazer...and flats...maybe you say no to jeans and prefer a simple dress...sandals...and a long necklace...

your work attire deserves thoughtfulness and respect...need help developing yours? start looking at pics of casual attire...if you are local...give me a call...i'd love to support you!  


  1. What a timely post! I work from home and I find that I'm more motivated when I'm dressed nicely (nothing fancy necessarily, but clean and neat) and with a bit of makeup! I guess it helps me make pretty things when I feel pretty too!! I can understand the temptation of just being in pyjamas too since no one is around to appreciate the nice outfit most of the time.

    1. meg - i so agree with you...there is something about being "dressed" that makes us more productive...and like you doesn't need to be dressy...just thought out...


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