Wednesday, May 1, 2013

what not to wear when working from home...part 1

let's face it...for those of us working from home...there are rushing to get out the traffic...and for need to get dressed...meaning...let me stay in my pajama's all day...truth be told...i have done that...but two things happened...

one...i didn't feel like i was truly working...i didn't feel as some may say that has nothing to do with what i'm wearing...and everything to do with my mind-set...while i believe that...i have found that i am more productive...and work harder when i am "dressed"...being in my pajama bottoms and a tee-shirt...although VERY comfortable...i noticed a little bit of a relaxed mode...almost...lazy...i mean...i'm usually thinking about lounging when i'm in my pj's...

two...although this didn't happen every day...and it took only one time for me to say never again...the doorbell rings...and i am frantically trying to make myself look at least semi professional...or at least like a took a shower...not a good thing...especially in my profession...

while more and more people are working from would seem easy to stay in your pajamas or workout clothes all day...but is that really the best uniform for you?

while the home office could and should have a more casual dress code...eliminating a dress code all together could be a mistake...paying attention to your grooming and your attire even if no one will see you could give you a structure to your workday that benefits you and increases your productivity...

so tomorrow...i will go into what not to wear...but more importantly...what TO wear...

so based on the pic below...what are you most likely to wear when working from home?  according to the citrix survey...these were the results...where do you fit in?
49% wore jeans and a t-shirt
25% wore pajamas
14% wore workout clothes
12% wore "other


  1. Other. I get up and get dressed immediately. I never wear work out clothes or jeans and I always wear at least one thing I made, if not a whole outfit. I believe in the Slapdash Sewist's motto: Look cute every day.

    I work from home, and once got caught in my pajamas at 3 pm by a colleague delivering something to me. Never again!

    1. ruth - it truly takes only one time to get "caught"...right?
      i love that motto "look cute everyday!"

  2. I work from home and right now I am wearing jeans, a nice lacy shirt, and summer sandals. I have found that dressing better even when working from home actually makes me more productive and work harder. I may not see anyone else all day but at least I know that I look good and that is what matters most.

    1. julie - intresting that you point out that you are more productive...i have found that as well...i feel like i'm "ready to work"...
      and yes...even if you see no one...YOU are important and should look good for yourself!


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