Tuesday, April 9, 2013

discarded to divine 2013...

another year has come and gone...and it is time for discarded to divine 2013...i am bummed as this will be the first year that i will be missing the event...but...i wanted to do a post on it...because it is a great cause...and perhaps some of you might want to attend...

discarded to divine...reclaimed fashion...reclaimed lives...how did this magnificent event come about to be?  here is "the story" taken from the website:

It began in 2005, when St. Vincent de Paul Society Help Desk Director Sally Rosen found herself facing a pile of unusable donated clothing, torn and stained. Sally thought, "While working at the Help Desk, I realized our discards were waiting to be transformed into divine creations." She began to think of recycling, imagining how these discarded garments could be remade into something new and useful. She decided to invite designers to take the discarded clothing and create wearable works of art and exquisite home décor, thus Discarded to Divine was created.
Discarded to Divine is a charitable event showcasing the talents of professional and aspiring designers who transform discarded, donated clothing into one-of-a-kind couture creations and exquisite home décor which are auctioned to benefit those overcoming poverty, homelessness and domestic violence.

pretty amazing that a pile of unused clothing...would inspire one woman to take that...and make this incredible fashion event...and fundraiser...for st. vincent de paul...

the actual event is always fun with silent auction and all...but there is also a preview of the garments...shown one nite at the de young museum...click on the website link above to get all the info! 

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