Thursday, April 4, 2013

april showers got you down?

"april showers bring may flowers"

"there is no sun without the rain"

while i agree whole-heartedly with the above statements...i'm not much of a fan of the rain...especially when it should be sunny outside...isn't that what spring is all about?  but april showers do exist...and while it is put away all your drab winter rain gear...celebrate spring...even through the april showers...

here are some fabulous ways to put a little spring in your rain filled day...april showers got you down?  these are sure to bring a smile to your face...and everyone around you!

no reason to be carrying around a blah black umbrella...add some color...or a fun graphic print...or both!

kate spade new york "pop art" check umbrella

no reason to be running around fretting if you are going to accidently step into a puddle...or maybe you want to...go running through a few puddles...sure to lift your spirit...but make sure you are set with a nice pair of fun are these? colorful & with polka dots...

chooka "classical dot" rain boot

and if nothing least go for a fun raincoat...nothing brighter then a nice spot of color on a dark & grey day...

ilse jacobsen hornbaek hooded raincoat

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