Wednesday, January 16, 2013

fashion resolutions 2013...

while i say it every year...this year has really shown it...people don't like the word "resolutions"...of maybe...not sure what it is...although i do know that there are swarms of people all around us...looking to better create a more simple way of doing things...however you say it...whatever 'word' is all boils down to claiming a change...and then taking the steps to make it happen...and for everyone...that "thing" may be different...

for example...this year...i decided to go sugar free...not forever...just for a good two months...and here we are on day 16 of 2013...and i'm pretty happy with it...although the first week's just say...i'm glad it is over...because between going cold turkey on it...quadrupled with the massive headache that came and stayed for pretty much  a was hard...but i was determined...

but my version of sugar free may be different from someone else...but i chose what i wanted to give up...and what i wanted to keep...and so it is with fashion is deciding what change YOU want to make...and what that version looks like...and take the appropriate steps to make it happen...

so - since i didn't seem to have a lot of participants on my twitter or facebook pages...or on this blog...i took it to the streets...and asked random strangers...and what fun that is the list i compiled of fashion resolutions for 2013...who may spark a change in you...

terry - i am going to have my first ever "real" bra fitting

the fashion, the stylist and the wardrobe - only buy clothes that suit my lifestyle and body shape...and that i absolutely LOVE and not just because they are on sale!

gerda - for all of my home...including closets - not to keep anything that is not useful or beautiful...if i haven't worn it in a year and can't see a definite time to wear it next year - out it goes!

rosalinda - buy cuter pj's

tom - wear more of my dress shirts - just as easy to put them on as my t-shirt

elaine - to organize my closet my color - easier for me to coordinate outfits this way

jackie - to get rid of all the suits i haven't worn for over 10 years - it is time...

peter - to get rid of the boring socks i wear and add some with color & pattern

jeff - recently lost 30 lbs - clothes don't reflect the change...time to invest in myself more

anna - add more color - starting with some new cashmere sweaters in jewel tone colors

danielle - to buy myself a classic purse - smaller then what i normally wear - my back is killing me with the "stuff" i carry in it - just because i have the room

cathy - hire a company to come in and create shelves and double hanging space in my non-functional closet

olivia - simplify simplify simplify!

hannah - as you preach in your blog - get rid of my old t-shirts and sweaters that have outlived their life span - and invest in some nice new ones

reina - to beef up my work out wear

lisa - to add some new color to my wardrobe and not always wear black

patty - add more color

stacy - determined to get a pair of leopard print shoes

andrea - sift through my closet and gt rid of stuff that just hangs there

lisa - add some of the colored jeans that i see everywhere into my wardrobe

what fabulous resolutions - and all are doable!  starting small - especially when it comes to the closets - break it down into segments if the project as a whole seems too big to handle...bring in a friend if that helps...or hire a consultant (like me!) 

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