Wednesday, January 9, 2013

but it's such a great price...

i recently went shopping with a girlfriend of mine...she wanted me to help her as she is updating her wardrobe...on a limited all the sales felt as it would be a great time to shop...

while this is a great time of year for sales...sales does not always equal "great price..."

this is how our conversation went...

friend: what a great price!

me: yes...but is this something you would wear?

friend: but look at the price!

me:  i'm looking...but where would you wear that?

a few moments item

friend:  oh my god...what a deal!  and it is a suit!

me: you don't wear suits

friend:  true...but it is such a great deal!

me:  $54.98 is a great price for this suit...but it is $54.98 too much for you to spend on a suit that you won't wear

are you getting the picture?

les is so easy to be hooked in by the great sales...but keep in mind...if it is something that you won't be doesn't matter what the price is...the price is too high!  and you have just spent money on an item that will now sit in your closet - the item that you can lovingly look at...and think...what a great an item that you paid too much for...

now on the other hand...if you can find items on the sale rack...that are missing pieces in your wardrobe...or possibly replenishing old items...then i've struck gold!

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