Wednesday, April 4, 2012

men's corner: the ease of a sportcoat...

while helping out a client of spruce up his casual attire...we are on the lookout for some fabulous casual sportcoats...we are thinking plaid...checks...these are the two pics i sent him to inspire him...

he is obviously loving the now we are working on the finished outfit...when you really break apart these looks...there is not much to it...which brings in the ease of looking put together with very little work...

coming off my little rant from yesterday on casual work attire in san francisco...i would be thrilled to see a little more of this...wouldn't you?

glen plaid silk-linen sportcoat
j crew

corded cotton sportcoat
j crew

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  1. The jacket has matching buttons at the two-button front and sleeves, lined shoulders and sleeves for a lighter, natural shoulder fit, and carefully trimmed and taped inner seams Mens sport coat


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