Saturday, October 22, 2011

fashion funnies: life is like a pair of jeans...

found another great comic from the sf chronicle a while back...leave it to mom to put it all in perspective...

daughter: i had a dream about quill last night. made me wonder if he's "the one." how do you know when you're in love, mom?

mom: love isn't an event. it's a process

daughter: ok. but how do you know who to spend your life with?

mom: life isn't one journey. it's many trips

daughter: meaning?

mom: what works today might break tomorrow

mom: life is like a pair of jeans. some work forever, others seem perfect but never quite fit. some are sturdy, others need a lot of care. some get too small, go out of style or just lose their appeal. some you get rid of then wish you hadn't, others you keep and wonder why

daughter: wow. you are just full of momisms today

mom: yeah, they're a lot easier than actual answers

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enjoy your weekend...

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