Tuesday, July 26, 2011

fashion history: match the quote to the person...

scanned by moi

the last time i was in new york...i had picked up a page from i think the "daily front row"...and as some papers do...it got lost in the shuffle that is my office...as i was cleaning up some piles...i came across it...and decided to post it as a little quiz for all my readers...

i will be on a road trip tomorrow (all day) and won't be returning till late tomorrow evening...which will be when i post the answers...

so...to the 10 faces shown above...and listed here:
isaac mizrahi
karl lagerfeld
coco chanel
roberto cavalli
diane von furstenberg
anna wintour
ralph lauren
tom ford
alber elbaz
calvin klein

match them to the following quotes: and just so you know...the original article was called "match the quote to the drama queen"

1. "sometimes...i sit in front of my computer and ask myself, 'does the daytime have to be boring and gray?'"

2. "i don't design clothes; i design dreams."

3. "now is the time to become a myth."

4. "i'm so involved in melancholy."

5. "i don't do fashion. i am fashion."

6. "i read in the times that i'm an ice queen, i'm the sun king, i'm an alien fleeing from district 9."

7. "i have the reputation of being easygoing, but inside, i'm like nails. i will kill."

8. "i wish [ines de la fressange] all the luck in the world, just so long as i don't have to see her anymore or hear her spoken about."

9. "yves saint laurent doesn't exist for me."

10. "i can't walk down 5th avenue without being treated like a rock star. many times i've walked down 5th avenue with rock stars, and nobody pays attention to them."

have fun...answers revealed in tomorrows post

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