Friday, July 15, 2011

bagging it in white...

nothing says summer more to me than the color white...and yes...the "rule-followers" would know that now is the time to wear white...but i'm not a rule follower...and i think...having a fabulous white tote is very much needed to complete my white summer obsession...and move right on in to fall...

i'm a bit worried about how it would keep...but is not like i'll be dragging it along the i'm thinking...i need to start looking...

i'm loving the style below...very classic...very white...and oh so chic... you sport a lot of white in the summer? where do you wear your white? in clothes or accessories?

jason wu crossbody tote
neiman marcus


  1. This is beautiful! And I don't follow that rule either! I say if you look fabulous in white, wear it all year around! XO

  2. i agree! besides there is a reason there is a color called "winter white" =)


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