Thursday, June 2, 2011

put together: summer's perfect hues...

to say that our weather here in the san francisco bay area has been doing anything but cooperating with what month we are in...well...would be the understatement of the alas...i have been enjoying spring/summer weather through my fashion magazines...the beautiful summer hues make me yearn for the sun...that much more...

while perusing through the june issue of ladie's home journal...i came across these beautiful pics of the lovely cat deeley...showing off perfectly how summer hues should be worn...doesn't she look fabulous? and how effortless these looks are...

now if i could just get the sun to's june for goodness sake...and we are looking at another week of rain, hail, thunderstorms...and will be with us all weekend i guess my nose will be buried in more fashion magazines...taunting me with the beautiful spring/summer looks...that i just can't least not yet...

nothing better then combining two bright chic!
dress: french connection
belt: american eagle
shoes: diane von furstenberg

beats a ratty t-shirt & shorts any day
top: single
shorts: j crew
belt: american eagle

photos: scanned by moi...

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