Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what size am i anyway?

it should go without saying that you need to be honest and realistic when you are assessing your wardrobe...when you stand in front of your closet...are you being invaded by an army of sizes that haven't fit for a year or more? simply...let go...

a great outfit is a great outfit no matter what the size tag reads...the key is...of course...how well it fits...size is a state of mind...i have friends and clients who are a size 2 and feel fat...and i have friends and clients who are a size 14 and feel fabulous...what does that tell us?

so...as spring is slowly approaching...the time when most think about "spring cleaning"...if your wardrobe reflects clothing sizes that haven't fit you for more than one year...please get rid of them...whether they are the clothes you used to wear before you lost weight...or clothes that you are holding on to...because you hope to one day fit into them again...saving your wrong-sized clothes for when you shrink to your desired weight only confuses your actual wardrobe...think about it...if you do drop the pounds and reach your goal...all you're going to want to do is celebrate the brand new you and go shopping!

if you simply can't let go...for whatever reason...at least do yourself a favor...and remove items that do not fit from your closet...and store them somewhere else...believe me...getting dressed in the morning will seem a whole lot simpler...


  1. I just purged my closet and it is a great feeling!! I highly recommend it to anyone!

  2. good for you pam! i am in the process...being a wardrobe consultant...wouldn't be fair to require it of my clients...and not do the same...right?

  3. I am guilty of buying skinny clothes too early! Once I realised I'd gained all that weight from a medication I figured I'd return soon enough to my normal weight once off it, so when I came across really good designer bargains I didn't want to waste them on my fat body and bought 1-2 sizes smaller. Of course they're all still hanging there unworn! So I stopped doing it and I haven't been tempted in quite a while. I still to wear them one day but if not, at least my daughter will have some great clothes to wear in about 10 years!

  4. lucky daughter! i've done that a few times...and all that is left is a garment that i love and can't wear...why do that to yourself? now...if it doesn't fit...it doesn't come home with me...i always tell my clients...the most expensive thing in your closet is the item with the price tag still on it...


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