Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my shoe review...

as i have been diligently cleaning out my closet...well...not only my whole house...i have been thinking of creative ways to store my things...the things that won't be purged...such as my lovely shoes...being that i continually wear them...year after is one area in my life...that i will never claim...i have too much no never...

but with the constant accumulation of new dream for a shoe closet would look something like still my heart...

photo source

but then reality sets in...and i am brought back to the real world...the world that does not have that kind of space...a girl can dream though...right? and whether i have the space or not...i do look at my lovely array of shoes as works of most of them are pretty unique (i don't go for the standard black no...)so shouldn't they be displayed as such?

everyone can agree that tossing shoes into the bottom of the closet doesn't work...right? you lose track of what you have and when you do manage to fish out a matching pair...the once magnificent duo is could one do that to a beautiful pair of shoes?

there are some who keep their shoes in the cardboard boxes they arrived in...sometimes with a lovely pic on the side of the box to quickly identify its contents...this does not work for all i get in stacking the boxes (although they are nicely protected) is a toppling of the box when i go shuffling around for that long lost pair of wedges...

so i have assessed my closet...and there is one wall that is completely bare...and i'm thinking...built-in or freestanding shoe cubicles or shoes will be segregrated from each other...their shape will be protected...and they will be easily identified...and none will be forgotten...

or maybe...i should just display them on racks in my the true works of art that they are...too much?

how are your shoes displayed?


  1. Here, Here on the shoe closet...that would be my dream closet as well. Right now they just sit on three shelves on top of each other.

  2. I would die for that closet!
    I keep all my shoes in their boxes :)

  3. obviously we all have the same taste in shoe closets... =)

  4. I have to say that I am one of those people that have most of them in the bottom of my closet, I do have two wooden shoe racks, but not enough for all of them. My twins are going to college next year and I have threatened to turn one of their rooms into an office and another into a giant closet, wouldn't that be so cool and movie-starish?

  5. lesa...a woman after my own heart...sounds like a fabulous idea! i have been eyeing one of my rooms as well...thinking that maybe it should be a glamorous...and as you! we are worth it!


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