Friday, November 5, 2010

let it shine...

i still have a lot of people asking me if "bling" is appropriate for day wear...and my answer is always an astounding yes! of course...i do not recommend head to toe bling...but a little sparkle during the day never hurt anyone...right?

so i saw this page in town & country november appropriate...the caption reads..."let it or night, it's the right time to sparkle..." i couldn't have said it any better...

so pull our your sparkly items...wear them with your jeans...a sequined top with a traditional pant...just the right amount of personality...and those rhinestones? wear them...yes...even in the day-time... you tend to sparkle day or night?

scanned by moi
town & country november 2010 issue


  1. How about a sparkly diamond pendant in the daytime? Okay for a sweater and pants if otherwise the bling is kept minimal?

  2. dear anonymous...a sparkly diamond pendant is "always" appropriate... =)

  3. I love blingin' it up during the daytime. Bling just sparkles sooo much more in natural sunlight!


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