Wednesday, February 13, 2013

exchanging bad habits for good habits...

truth be told...we all have a few bad habits...and we know that a habit is formed by doing something over and think about your bad habits...the way to get rid of to replace them with another habit...a good habit...

in my newsletter last month...i used it as a time to reflect on the new with the new...out with the old...but these habits need to be it is so easy to slip back into an old being that february is the month of love...and a great time to focus on YOU...start nourishing a loving attitude towards yourself...YOU deserve it!

here are some examples to get you started...and if you think of some others...please share them in the comments...we can all use some reminding...and encouragement...right?

old habit:  criticizing your body when trying on clothes that don't flatter your body type
new habit:  discovering clothes that naturally flatter your body type

old habit:  buying random pieces and feeling bad because you never wear them
new habit:  shopping with a purpose and a list

old habit:  throwing on the same old thing day after day
new habit:  taking time to create "new" outfits from your wardrobe and use more of what you already own

old habit:  adding new items to an already stuffed closet
new habit:  having a well-edited closet by eliminating clothes before adding new ones

old habit:  trying to dress younger that you are
new habit:  showcasing your personal best assets and looking great at any age

old habit:  running out the door without your makeup on
new habit:  scheduling enough time to put your best face forward

old habit:  being envious of what others are wearing
new habit:  studying well-dressed women and trying new styling techniques

old habit:  putting on clothes that you "sort-of" like
new habit"  enjoying how you feel in clothes and accessories

and last...but certainly not least...
get out of the habit of feeling stuck...
get into the habit of giving me a call to help you get unstuck

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