Tuesday, September 20, 2011

fasten your seat belt...

as abc gets ready to take off with "pan am" starting september 25th...a tv series about flight attendants & pilots on the once fabulous pan am airlines...many are wondering if it will take off as mad men did...years ago...

taking place in the 60's...although pan am was known for their uniforms...the tunis blue uniform which consisted of the tailored jacket, a straight skirt with a big kick pleat, a white blouse, white gloves and a hat...there are variations of it that can be worn today...

so will you be watching pan am? and more importantly...will you be sporting the trim tailored suit?

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  1. A friend of mine who works as an extra informs me that all women working on Pan Am need to have a 29" inch waist or less. Just thought that was an interesting factoid!

  2. yes...the airlines apparently dictated hair length and style, height, weight AND marital status...which in the 60's was "single"


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