Wednesday, March 30, 2011

instant travel...

your suitcase is your closet when you travel...and at times...i must admit...i have packed like i truly did bring my whole closet...only to bring it all back home unworn...add to that an achy back...when i started traveling for business in my corporate america days...i literally was on the road three weeks out of the month...and being that i had my suitcase to contend with...and all my "work" laptop, brochures etc...i learned to be creative with my packing...

so here are a few things to think about when choosing clothes to pack...
- how much room does it take up?

- does it match with other pieces you're bringing?

- will it go day and evening?

- can you wear it more than once?

- does it wrinkle easily?

for corporate america days...i pretty much lived in suits...i usually looked for suit fabric that was a lightweight wool...that made it possible for the suit to work both warm and cool climates...a dark suit with matching pants and skirt could be deconstructed to create a variety of looks with few accessories...i would pack a top that could stand on its own without the suit jacket...i would also pack a dressier pant and fun chic shoes to pair with my suit jacket out for a nite on the town... business dinner with clients...

all in all this works with casual wear as well...pair a few tops with that flouncy skirt...etc...

ideal travel fabrics bounce back after being crushed...who wants to spend time ironing clothes when you get to your destination? or worse yet...looking like a crumpled mess...if you so choose not to iron =)

do you have some great travel tips to share? please do...

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  1. Space Bags have changed my life when it comes to packing!

  2. i used to pack my clothes into tiny little squares, or roll them up to avoid creases. i could squeeze so much into a suitcase and i was surprised how little things would wrinkle.

  3. stacy - i just recently started the whole rolling up for packing...definately helps with no wrinkles...and more room!

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