Tuesday, November 17, 2009

men's corner: office survival kit, man-style

office survival kit, man-style

most women have had such a 'kit' on-hand for years now, whether their office is in a commercial setting or in their car...if you tend to work long or unpredictable hours...this is something you probably should put together so you'll be ready to go at a moments notice...

*a clean, pressed shirt - if you spill your coffee or lunch on the one that you are wearing, you'll still be able to make your dinner date with the love of your life or your colleagues...whether it's a button-down or polo shirt (depending on your profession), it doesn't hurt to have a spare handy...

*tie - there are still occasions when you'll need one...(like the unexpected business dinner mentioned above, again depending on your profession.)

*toothbrush & toothpaste - this really doesn't need an explanation, does it?

*medical supplies: ibuprofen, emergenC and purell

*cologne - for an end of day refresher, just keep it light...

these are the basics, which will see most guys through the typical day, but be sure to supplement your kit with items specific to your particular job...when the emergency arises, you'll be grateful...


  1. I've had a office survival kits for years - tooth bruch and paste, cologne, pain killers, even a tie once in a while. I also toss in those shoe polish things you get from hotels (these come in real handy), Visine and a hair brush.

  2. nothing better then being prepared for whatever may come your way...right?
    i like the pain killer idea...had my moments where i needed that desparately... =)


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