Monday, November 30, 2009

men's corner: luv a man in a tux...

i don't know what it is, but i love to see my man in a tux! and i think most women do too, even though you men often don't share our enthusiasm...however, it's important that we recognize that there are some guidelines we should follow in helping you get outfitted in that "monkey suit"...

the classic basics are: black tux, white shirt, black bow tie. yes, you can wear a long black tie, just make sure it syncs up with the width and material of the lapel (i.e. satin lapel, satin tie.)

after that, the decision is 'which lapel to wear'? the classic 'notch' lapel mimics the conventional suit jacket and looks right on just about anyone...other choices are the 'shawl' collar for a retro 50's look (just keep it on the narrow side), or the 'peak' lapel, which debuted in 1886, and can look batmanesque at it's widest, so make sure you are up for that...

regarding cumberbunds, some say they're now passe, as are vests...but suspenders are fine, just make sure they don't sport cutsey prints...pocket squares are de riguer, as long as they're white and square...cufflinks and studs should be understated...

now, that being said, if you prefer to make a statement, rather than going for the classic james bond look, then go for the colored tie or tastefully printed cufflinks and studs...after all, it should be fun for you to put that tux on!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

a musical about shopping...les sigh...

last my birthday celebrations continue 8) gorgeous friend lorena took me to see "shopping! the musical" in san francisco at the shelton theatre...before the theatre we had a lovely dinner...chatted it we always do...then headed to the theatre...enjoyed the show...and topped it off with a lovely birthday was a lovely evening in the city...with all the stores in the area brightly decorated...the union square tree lit up and shining bright...and the hustle and bustle of holiday cheer...such a fun fun nite...thanks lorena!!

so...about the show...
the theatre itself was so quaint and lovely...a very small venue not lacking in charm...i loved the plush burgundy chairs...and the stage set-up...all with its shopping bags and credit cards named cleverly...such as "squeeza" instead of visa...

the show was touched upon every aspect of shopping...there was not one person there that could not relate to at least one of the parodies...

from the skit of the "price check" to the oh so familiar scene...women with there shopping bags and venti starbucks in hand...tackling EVERY store...

i highly recommend if you are in the city...and have a chance to see will be guaranteed an evening of fun and laughter...

here is a review of the musical by richard connema of talkin' broadway...

Morris Bobrow's Shopping! The Musical is currently playing in the intimate Shelton Theatre near Union Square, San Francisco. This clever and sparkling revue is an open end run and is attracting many tourists.

Shopping! The Musical reminds me of those wonderful little revues that used to occur down in the Village in New York or the great Billy Barnes shows in Los Angeles. This fast paced one hour and twenty minute song fest about shopping is performed by four very talented singers who know how to put a song over. Morris Bobrow who has written and directed numerous musicals, including the recent travel revue Are We Almost There?. He has devised 24 songs about shopping delivered at an amazing speed.

Bobrow knows how to present the lost art of a musical revue. His parodies are not political but more a social commentary on the art of shopping. Everyone who sees the revue will identify with some aspect of shopping. His songs remind me of musical satirist Tom Lehrer.

Shopping! The Musical has hilarious lampoons of shopping at wholesale houses like Costco under the title of "Shopping with Style," in which a person buys a six year supply of toilet paper or carts his stuff home in a Bekins truck. "Department Store Blues" is entertaining when the delightful Alison Peltz sings "Who do I have to screw to get some help?" There is a great country western song sung by Kim Larsen about a macho man shopping in a hardware store. Kim is also funny as a shy husband trying to buy a birthday gift for his wife at Victoria Secret.

One of the great side-splitting moments is a non-musical number with Alison Peltz, Kim Larsen and Coley Grundman in the checkout line at a supermarket. Alison is a customer who goes over the top, checking each item to the frustration of Kim playing the clerk. It is a sketch that is worthy of Saturday Night Live.

Sara Hauter is first rate in a song about women who are obsessed with buying things from QVC or the Home Shopping Network. She is also very funny on the song "A Fit Fit" when she sings about an outfit that is "all about the butt and not looking like a slut." There is a great song about Internet shopping called "Click," sung well by Alison Peltz. Coley Grundman has a cool natural voice in "Sounding Off," which is about a customer who is very irritated about canned music in a supermarket. He also has great vocal chops in "May I Help You?" about a servile salesman trying to sell a lamp to Alison Peltz. Anyone who has been to a street fair where they sell things you really don't want will appreciate the group singing about the wonders of buying these goods; even the props are uproarious.

Coley Grundman, Sara Hauter, Kim Larsen and Alison Peltz give polished performances and they know how to handle this kind of fast paced revue. Musical accompaniment on the piano by Ben Keim is first rate.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving...

gotta love it...a turkey that can hide AND accessorize at the same time 8)

happy thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ladies shopping extravaganza...

i thought you might like to know about this special ladies shopping night extravaganza at domenico winery in San Carlos (sorry men...this is ladies nite...but feel free to pass this invite on to the ladies in your life!)...with the holidays just around the corner, this will be a fun night to sip and shop!

we will be getting the JanaKos Fall/Winter Collections back and will be featuring jackets and sweaters at this event. we won't know until that week which items we will be getting back because the showing season is over and it will depend on availability...HOWEVER, the good news is that we will be selling the items on a cash-and-carry addition, we will take appointments for Thursday, December 3, through Tuesday, December 8, if you'd like to also check out pants, dresses and blouses...


Complimentary Hors d'ouevres
No Host Wine, Beer, Soda and Water
Drawing for a Magnum of Domenico Wine


Enter the drawing at our table for a

Domenico Winery, 1697 Industrial Rd (across from 24 Hour Fitness)
San Carlos, CA


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Sing Praises Confections gourmet caramel apples

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Stella and Dot hip, stylish jewelry

Strecks expression boards

Trooyu hand-made boots & sweaters

Tucky Mama Designs fun, hand-made leather purses

Wendy's Works one-of-a-kind wearable art scarves

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

from a.m. to p.m...

tis the season...more so than throughout the year...functions after a long time to go home and change...what to do??

a few evening accessories can transform a tailored suit from work day to night play...'s early to work, and you don't want to think about what to have a meeting, a presentation, and interview on your reach for your fail-safe uniform...a well-tailored and sensibly cut suit...pants finish it off? or perhaps a skirt...skirt length? to the knee...color? nuetral...a white shirt adds crispness and flatters your coloring...accessories? classic, of course, with the quiet confidence good quality bestows on any object: it leaves you and your work in the starring roles...and you still have time to eat breakfast with your kids...

p.m...the transformation: from the office to a dinner party...hang up the jacket and the white have an evening blouse that would also can consider wearing the jacket over nothing but a strand of pearls...or perhaps a the end, you decide on a beaded evening sweater for extra glitter, and's easy to pack in your work tote...don't forget to jazz up your earrings, trade in the tote for an evening bag...and dress up the heels...add a little perfume and perhaps some red lipstick...presto!

Monday, November 23, 2009


at times, the personalities of a white shirt seem virtually infinite...a classic cotton can look crisp and tailored...change the fabric to silk or sheer organza...and the look is instantly dressier...sexier...

menswear-inspired fashion at its most feminine...

exagerate the tailoring - more seams, dropped shoulders, a playful collar...and even classic cotton can become jazzy and brash...take away the collar altogether and add a tiny stripe...and the shirt takes on a simpler, quieter, more ascetic look...

loose shirts can be worn over an undershirt or lieu of a jacket...untucked, they can hide a bulky waistline...or give modesty and shelter from the sun to a skimpy bathing suit...

tucked in or worn under a jacket...they take a back seat to the perfect suit...

when is a shirt not a shirt?

when it's too pretty or feminine to betray much of its historical roots as men's other words...when it's a blouse...

Friday, November 20, 2009

happy birthday to me... birthday...i thought i would share with you what i got myself...doesn't everyone buy themselves a birthday gift??

so...a few weeks ago...i went to see one of my favorite vintage jewelry collectors...
i mean...every girl needs a new something in baubles...right? she never disappoints...barbara has THE best collection ever...she has no store (well she does have some pieces in a local antique shop)...mostly she does local faires...otherwise i would share her with all of faithful readers...

the dilemma was...not that i wouldn't find anything...but that i would find too justification...i knew that my birthday was coming up...

i found this piece first...loved the ruby red...loved the pearls... eyes feasted on this delicious piece (with earrings)

i thought to myself...should i buy both?? do i really need both?? it is my i decided...they would look great together...doesn't that make it like buying one piece?

here it is in all its glory...les sigh...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

what is haute couture?

earlier this year...i got a chance to see the yves st laurent exhibit at the de young museum in san francisco...actually i went three was THAT spectacular...

the de young museum was fortunate to have the only u.s. showing of the yves st laurent retrospective...the exhibition featured nearly 130 of the designer's works from 1962 to 2002...

can you imagine?? nearly 130 outfits (complete with stunning accessories and shoes) were featured, many of which were haute couture worn by well-known icons, such as nan kempner and catherine deneuve...

an explanation of haute couture was featured as part of the exhibit - i found it informative and thought you might also...

In France, the term haute couture is protected by law and is defined by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris. Their rules state that only "those companies mentioned on the list drawn up each year by a commission domiciled at the Ministry for Industry are entitled to avail themselves" of the label haute couture. The criteria for haute couture were established in 1945 and updated in 1992.

To earn the right to call itself a couture house and to use the term haute couture in its advertising and any other way, members of the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris must follow these rules:

-Design made-to-order for private clients, with one or more fittings.
-Have a workshop (atelier) in Paris that employs at least fifteen people full-time.
-Each season (i.e., twice a year), present a collection to the Paris press, comprising at least thirty-five runs with outfits for both daytime wear and evening wear.

The term haute couture may have been misused by ready-to-wear brands since the late 1980s, so that its true meaning may have become blurred with that of prêt-à-porter (the French term for ready-to-wear fashion) in the public perception. Every haute couture house also markets prêt-à-porter collections, which typically deliver a higher return on investment than their custom clothing. In fact, much of the haute couture displayed at fashion shows today is rarely sold; it is created to enhance the prestige of the house. Falling revenues have forced a few couture houses to abandon their less profitable couture division and concentrate solely on the less prestigious prêt-à-porter.

Photo: Marina Schiano in Evening Gown. Fall-Winter 1970. © The Estate of Jeanloup Sieff

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"girls wear dresses"...

this, we are told as youngsters, is what separates the sexes...and we believe it...until the discovery of more subtle and meaningful differences...but we grow up and learn that women wear dresses, too...

flowery, church-appropriate affairs that inspire us to look sweet or elegant...short, sophisticated cocktail shifts that make us feel like smoking even if we don't...strappy sundresses or comfy wool tunics...a cake-like wedding gown...a casual shirt-dress...dresses make many different statements and save the time it takes to mix and match separates...

jewelry can be used to adapt a simple dress to various occasions...and a dress under a jacket can look suit-like yet sexy on its own...prefect for taking day to evening...

and as anyone who's seen the seven-year itch can attest, dresses are quintessentially feminine...even when you're not standing on a subway grate...your hem aflutter...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

men's corner: office survival kit, man-style

office survival kit, man-style

most women have had such a 'kit' on-hand for years now, whether their office is in a commercial setting or in their car...if you tend to work long or unpredictable hours...this is something you probably should put together so you'll be ready to go at a moments notice...

*a clean, pressed shirt - if you spill your coffee or lunch on the one that you are wearing, you'll still be able to make your dinner date with the love of your life or your colleagues...whether it's a button-down or polo shirt (depending on your profession), it doesn't hurt to have a spare handy...

*tie - there are still occasions when you'll need one...(like the unexpected business dinner mentioned above, again depending on your profession.)

*toothbrush & toothpaste - this really doesn't need an explanation, does it?

*medical supplies: ibuprofen, emergenC and purell

*cologne - for an end of day refresher, just keep it light...

these are the basics, which will see most guys through the typical day, but be sure to supplement your kit with items specific to your particular job...when the emergency arises, you'll be grateful...

Monday, November 16, 2009

facing the facts...

what fits me??

the color might be perfect...the pattern and texture may be pure genius...but if the lines of an outfit are off and it doesn't fit properly, then you might as well toss in the towel and begin again...(or find a great tailor)

line and fit are about how clothes conform to your body...proportion is the key for visual for fit, your clothes should feel like a second skin...sometimes, this depends on the brilliance of the designer...has he draped, cut, tucked, and sewn seams in ways that not only inspire wonder, but also hide your weak spots? and you...have you chosen to dress in something that really suits you? it can be baggy or tight, short or long, or even asymetrical...just as long as it's supposed to be that way on you...

confronting the mirror can be tough...but the alternative - a blind certainty that bold horizontal stripes bring out the best in your far...
see yourself clearly, but be gentle...

are you petite? rubensesque? do you hate your elbows? even if green is the color of the moment...does it make you look like someone who resides in a damp, mossy crevice? are you the proud owner of the world's best collarbone? bellybutton? calf muscles? if so, terrific! go out and find something that will show them off...

the more you know about your body - sizes, good sides and bad sides, spandex tolerance - the better you'll be dressing for yourself...not a salesperson, your mother, or to make your significant other jealous...

by all means, fall in love with magazine spreads, but be self-assured enough to realize when something's just not for you...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

latest vintage splurges...

for those of you that know me comes as no surprise of my absolute love for vintage...i have often been told by my mom that i was born in the wrong era...because my fashion taste always gravitated to those of long ago...

there have been many times that i have gotten remarks about shopping in thrift stores or estate sales...comments of "how could i could wear 'old' clothes"...the funny is the vintage pieces that most ask about...such as..."where did you find that aweome 'unique' piece"...

i have to think that would be one of the reasons i love vintage so truly is the way to get to dressing in your own personal style...but not only that...the chances of someone else wearing the same thing that you are...well...i think i would have better luck winning the lottery...

i have had a few really nice splurges lately...thought i would share my new beautiful finds...

i gravitate towards jackets...i feel they can make such a statement...and truly put a "not so spectacular" outfit into the "wow" category...this wonderful piece was snagged from shrimpton couture - seriously...if you love vintage fashion...this is THE first place to look...

the funny thing about this piece...i was chatting with cherie (owner of shrimpton couture) and telling her how much i loved coats...she of course thought of one she had in her shop that i would like...turns was the one that i had already been eyeing for weeks...a beautiful 1950's coat...great minds think

i have worn this already with a simple tank top and love love it...what the picture doesn't the beautiful gold threads that are weaved throughout the coat...i think it would also look great over a gold sheath dress...hopefully i will find the perfect one soon...

my other obsession would be the color green...and angela knew this...remembered it from conversations we had...and when this piece came into her shop..she sent me a picture...i haven't worn this yet...but my mind is swirling with the ways that i will be wearing it...oh and did i mention angela's shop? she has some pretty incredible pieces as well at dorothea's closet vintage -

so mad

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

oh say can you see...

ahhh glasses...

when you were young, you may have been teased mercilessly because of them...but now that you're older, you know a good thing when you squint at it...glasses can create a signature style, or they can be frameless and barely small evolutionary step from the contact lens...

you may depend on them, resent them, lose them, or use them to look smart...but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with different frames for different moods, or seasons, or activities...

maybe you feel more comfortable showing up at work in a serious tortoise-shell or horn's possible that they fit your corporate image better than those rhinestone-studded, pink cat's-eye frames you might wear to a downtown gallery opening...

face shape matters...
an angular face tends to look better in rounder frames...
a round face is flattered most by angular or squarish frames...

frames with low and dark-colored bridges shorten a long nose...

finally, match the size of your frames to the size of your features - unless you want to look like elton john... =)

and don't forget the casework!
think of it as luggage for your should be hard on the outside, for protection, and have a soft interior, to prevent can have a collection of cases and use them as you would any accessory...color and pattern may work in your favor: black cases are hard to find in an overstuffed handbag...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what ails you?

first aid kits and glamour are two things that usually do not go together...

until now...

have you seen the latest first aid kit? feast your eyes on the ever so glamourous louis vuitton red cross kit

i am sure this is one first aid kit that most would want to display =)
and i wonder...would some purposely look for reasons that ail them?

Monday, November 9, 2009

men's corner: putting your best foot forward...

i have come to realize that men don't seem to have the love affair with shoes that we women do (or at least some of us do!) nevertheless, there are a few guidelines that can help you look your best from the ground up.
*a lace-up shoe tends to be more dressy than a slip-on, and generally, the more eyelets the shoe has, the more formal it is...
*conversely, the more decorating stitching, perforated and serrated edges (the technical term for this is "broguing") a shoe has, the less dressy it is...
*black is always more dressy than brown, although brown lace-ups look great with navy or charcoal...(make sure they are scuff-free.)
*you can't go wrong with glossy leather, but suede is also interesting, as are the exotic and distressed leathers...(note: battered isn't the same as distressed!)
*an elongated toe is more stylish than a square - it doesn't have to be pointy, but stay away from a blunt, square-off toe unless you're going for a retro look...
*here's another term for you - "welt" - that's the seam where the upper meets the sole, and while it should be visible, it shouldn't extend out so far that it creates a ledge...
*lastly - the sole should be at least a quarter-of-an-inch thick (of course, leather is best). it will not only look stylish but will also wear much longer than a thinner sole...
who knew there was so much to a shoe??

Sunday, November 8, 2009

celebrity star closets - instyle (part 2)

as i mentioned did a spread on celebrity star closets...i wanted to share them with my readers...i am still positive that i am not only lusting after the closets...but the shoes as well...les sigh...

here is part 2 - which one is your favorite?

Kimora Lee Simmons
Kimora Lee Simmons, head of Baby Phat clothing line, combined two bedrooms in her 49,000-square-foot Saddle River, N.J. home to create her expansive walk-in closet. "I wanted my closet to look like a boutique," she says. It contains over 500 pairs of jeans, 35 custom-made Hermes Birkin bags and an extensive collection of jewelry. The closet, which is decorated with leopard-print carpet, marble columns, a mini-bar, and flat screen tvs, only holds some of her clothes—the overflow is stored in other bedroom closets. Everything in her closet is photographed and stored on her computer so she can easily put together outfits, "I'm very neurotic is what my closet says about me," she says. "It's always in great order."
photo by: Bobby Fisher

Paula Abdul
The former American Idol judge has an impressive walk-in closet in her 5,000 square foot Mediterranean style home in the San Fernando valley. All her outfits and coordinating accessories are numbered with tags so she can easily pack for trips and events. Her impressive shoe collection is made up mostly of high-heels—"I always wear heels unless I'm working out," says Paula Abdul, who is just over five feet. Even with all of those shoes the former choreographer claims, "A comfortable pair of jeans, a great belt, and a leather jacket is all I need."
photo by: Paul Costello

Mariah Carey
The five-time Grammy award winning artist has an enormous, climate controlled closet in her 12,000 square foot Manhattan triplex. However, the vast space still can't contain all of Mariah Carey's shoes. "I have about 1,000 pairs of shoes. But lots are in storage," she says. Carey designed the sweeping space with gold-leaf and bleached-wood floors. "Like Louis Vuitton luggage," she says, "it will only look better over time." Few girls would be able to fill the closet, which is arranged by color and material, as well as in event-specific groupings. "If someone else ever bought it [the apartment], she'd have to be a total diva!"
photo by: Andrew MacPherson; Ed Geller/Globe

Jamie-Lynn Sigler
The Sopranos' actress has completely made-over a 2,700-square-foot Tribeca duplex. "Tribeca is very cool. There's a lot of old architecture and a sense of mystery too." Jamie-Lynn Sigler's 200-square-foot closet was created by Anthony's Custom Closets in Long Island and the new setup helps keep her designer dresses, bags, countless pairs of Genetic jeans, and over 75 pairs of shoes organized. "For years I have not been able to find anything in my closet," says Sigler. "Now I see all my clothes shoes and accessories, even some stuff I completely forgot I had .. with the tags still on them!"
photo by: Paul Costello

Maria Menounos
The 28-year-old actress and television correspondent has set up house in a white, Georgian-style home in Hollywood, CA. It was decorated with the help of designer Clayton Asher Doyle, of L.A. furnishing store Plantation. She transformed a massive upstairs space into Maria Menounos' "office/hair-makeup-and-dressing room," which houses her Azzaro and Calvin Klein gowns, 50 pairs of jeans, blazers, sweaters, and a cedar walk-in closet devoted mostly to rows of shoes and boots. Even with such an impressive closet, Menounos claims, "I hate shopping. Really. I used to go to the mall once a year and just stock up on white T-shirts, tanks, socks and necessities. Now I need nice clothes for my career."
photo by: Art Streiber; Joe Kohen/WireImage

Saturday, November 7, 2009

celebrity star closets - instyle (part 1) did a spread on celebrity closets...thought i would post them here for you to see...not sure if i am lusting over the closets...or the shoes...hmmm...come to think of is most likely both... =)
so which is your favorite of the first five featured?

Christina Aguilera
In the Los Angeles mansion she shares with her husband, Jordan Bratman, and their 21-month-old son, Max (shown here), Christina Aguilera has not one but two expansive closets. First stop: Shoes. "Everything on my shoe wall is grouped by designer—Louboutin, McQueen, YSL—all in their own little family," says Aguilera. "And there's room for boots up top." The hyper-organized singer also has zones for her jeans, jackets, coats, skirts, sweaters and jewelry in the ultra-glam room, complete with a chandelier and leopard-print rug.
photo by: Douglas Friedman
Olivia Wilde
Recently, Olivia Wilde and her husband, Tao Ruspoli transformed the guest room and sitting room of their Venice, Calif. townhouse into a walk-in closet and a refined, comfortable office for the actress. The dramatic change was sparked by the Wilde's godmother, Laurie Frank, a well-known L.A. gallerist and decorator, who convinced her to construct a sophisticated cedar-lined closet—outfitted with translucent panels, a plush rug from Cantoni, and a black-glass chandelier from Lawson-Fenning. A perfect home for her many red-carpet dresses and favorite red shoes. The walk-in's decadent centerpiece is a 19th-century mirrored vanity (flanked by two mirrored chests from Anthropologie). "It's from the South of France and has never been restored," she says.
photo by: William Waldron

When Fergie moved in with new husband, Josh Duhamel, she jumped at the opportunity to create a brand new closet. "We knocked down the wall between two rooms and Josh named it Fergieland!" she says. "I designed it myself, so there's a boudoir-boutique feel." The large room is just for Fergie's things (organized by color and category of course), while Josh's clothes are kept in his own closet in the master bedroom. "Before Josh and I moved in together my stuff would be over flowing into piles in the living room at his house." she says. "Now I love the process of picking things out."
photo by: Douglas Friedman

Eva Longoria Parker
The 133-square-foot master closet in Eva Longoria Parker's L.A. home is full of gorgeous gowns, shoes, shirts—and a coveted Hermes hot-pink crocodile Birkin bag. Taking a glance through her impressive shoe collection she calls her Christian Louboutin espadrille wedges "a beautiful pain" (she sprained her ankle wearing them in Paris) and says she has "always dressed for comfort", which is easily confirmed by the 50 pairs of jeans and more than one pair of Ugg boots. "Tony loves me in Uggs. He says, 'Wear your Hugs, honey'—that's how he pronounces it with his French accent."
photo by: Robert Erdmann

Nicky Hilton
The Hilton heiress and designer of fashion lines Chic and Nicholai grew up in hotels, but Nicky Hilton now calls a 1950s two-story ranch above the Sunset Strip home. It boasts two "very organized" couture-filled walk-in closets. Her shoe collection, which isn't raided by her friends or family because of her size 10.5 foot, is organized by designer."My Manolos are together, Chanels are together, Louboutins together." Besides the 200 or more handbags she owns, one of Hilton's prized pieces is a Roberto Cavalli beaded butterfly minidress that the designer gave her for her 24th birthday. "I was in Milan and he told me to pick whatever I wanted from his showroom!" she says.
photo by: Paul Costello

Thursday, November 5, 2009

everyone loves a party...


when invitations are in the mail for holiday soirees. Life is so much easier when you already have party-wear in your closet - no last minute rushing around - no hasty purchases that you later regret. We've got some ideas for you...

Our Colorific skirt, made of French-milled fabric,
and Satin Crepe Ruffled top are perfect for holiday parties.
By the way, we also have a floor-length black satin crepe skirt for a more formal look.
I am thinking this Storm Border coat would be perfect for a nite at the opera...
with a different pair of shoes...of course...
This Italian fabric is luscious and the color-combo is so striking.
Velvet is a perennial favorite in the holidays.
This Stretch Velvet is not only beautiful but SO comfortable.
We show it in the popular one-shoulder view,
but you can also cover the other shoulder with the attached chiffon strap if you prefer.
Also available in the stretch velvet is a camisole and pant.
This Mirror Gunmetal fabric (again from Italy) has just enough shimmer.
The ankle-length pant will show off your favorite strappy sandals!
Not enough color for you?
Take a look at the suit in Magenta Couture Dupioni....
Treat Yourself to the Ultimate in Personalized Shopping
Jana Kos Fall/Winter Collection Trunk Show
Going on Now thru November 9
Redwood Shores, Ca
By Personal Appt.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

charity designer jean event for tiana foundation...

march 18, 2002, tiana rose velez was born...three hours later, she was delivered back to her Creator...out of despair...hope was born...
about the tiana foundation:
my friends rhonda & jason started the tiana foundation to help parents who have lost children to neonatal or early infant death...
here is there story...
On March 18, 2002 I went into labor with my second daughter, Tiana Rose Velez. As I began my labor, the doctors discovered that Tiana's heart was not pumping correctly and I was taken in for an emergency C-Section, hoping that once she was delivered, they could help her heart condition and save her. 2 1/2 hours after delivery, Tiana passed away. It has been an extremely difficult time for us. Because of our love for Tiana and our belief that she was sent here for a reason, my husband and I want to help others that are experiencing the deep grief and loss of a child. We have dreams for our children even before they are born and in an instant our dreams are shattered.
We remember that day as if it were yesterday. If it had not been for a very supportive family and wonderful friends, it would have been the loneliest and most stressful time in our lives. We started The Tiana Foundation to help parents during this difficult time. We believe that every child should have a gravestone. That is why we want to help parents who can't afford to memorialize their child who were here such a short time and left a lasting impression upon their hearts.

Charity Designer Jean Sale!
Designer Jeans on Sale 40-60% off!
Brands Such as:
True Religion
J Brand
Red Engine
We offer menʼs denim and tees as well
(Tiana Foundation is an organization that helps parents who have lost children to
neonatal or early infant death)
November 7th, 2009
Fortino Winery
Gilroy, Ca
11:00am- 5pm
Fashion Show 10:00am- Tickets $10- Includes champagne appetizers and
1/2 hour shopping before the general public is allowed into the event.
Seating is limited so please arrive early for fashion show. Tickets available
at door. For more information

The Tiana Foundation is partnered with California Monumental in San Jose California. When a child passes away, the local hospital social worker or private party contacts us. The foundation will contact California Monumental to request a voucher. At this time we are able to distribute between $150-$300 per family (depending upon the need). The voucher will then be redeemable upon the family's order for their child's memorial marker.
If you live outside the Bay Area or California, we will work with either California Monumental or a monumental in your area to ensure that you receive a memorial marker for your child.
It is the hope of The Tiana Foundation that we will be able to provide greater financial assistance as "From The Heart Bath & Body" prospers and contributions are received.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

playing dress-up...

playing dress-up as a grown-up...

is different than playing dress-up as a child in our mom's closet. Even tho' those days are long gone, it's still fun to put on something pretty...we've highlighted some of the "pretties" in the winter line to show you...but, as we keep saying, you really have to touch and feel these fabrics to get the full sensation. take a look...
(Disclaimer: Please pardon the models. Kate Moss wasn't available!)

oh...and there are still spots available for your one on one personal appointment...

Ponte knit black zipper jacket with ponte pants.
These are pajama-soft and great for travel, but the zippers dress up the look (totally on-target with one of the season's hot trends!)
Note: Bucky approves - not to be left out, he's wearing his Halloween collar.

"Remember that always dressing in understated good taste is the same as playing dead..."
~ Susan Catherine.
So why not pop on this fun Snow Leopard trench coat and your wardrobe will come to life!

Celebrate three trends at once:
this Amethyst Italian leather jacket, Snow Leopard skirt and black tights are spot on
(pardon the pun!)

This feather-light silk Kaleidoscope blouse works beautifully on its own, or would be perfect under your favorite neutral jacket.
(It also comes in shades of purple if you are loving that color for the season.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

three easy pieces...

spiffing up your wardrobe without breaking the bank, and we've got a great example of how adding just three new items from our Winter Collection can yield 27 'new' outfits. Read on...
The Three New Pieces:
*Two-in-One Sweater Vest/Blouse Set
*Sequence Stretch Gunmetal Pant
*Deco Belt
Items in Your Closet
(If you don't have these, we DO!):
*Colored Pants
*Denim Jeans
*Black Skirt
*Black Pants
*White Shirt
New Outfits:
*Two-for-one Set with Black Pants, Colored Pants, Denim Jeans, Black Skirt = 4 outfits
*Two-for-One Vest with White Blouse, with Black Pants, Colored Pants, Denim Jeans, Black Skirt = 4 outfits
*Two-for-One Vest with Turtleneck, with Black Pants, Colored Pants, Denim Jeans, Black Skirt = 4 outfits
*Two-for-One Blouse with Deco Belt with above Bottoms = 4 outfits
With Gunmetal Pants = 1 outfit
*White Blouse with all Five Bottoms = 5 outfits
*Turtleneck with all Five Bottoms = 5 outfits

27 Outfits so far - you're only limited by your imagination. (We're limited here by space!)
This is only one example from our Winter Collection. We can show you lots more!

Two-in-one Sweater Vest/Shirt Set:
Notice the great zipper detail. Besides this great neutral gray, it also comes in Black (of course) and Chartreuse.

Here's the Vest with a white blouse from Fall, shown with a skirt from Winter. The ruffles on the blouse offset the hardware of the zippers.

Now you can see the Blouse being worn separately from the Sweater Vest. We've paired it with one of our great belts (onyx with a touch of Swarovski) and our gunmetal pants. Another whole new look.

Is this too "tame" for you?
How about adding this leopard print skirt from Winter Collection for a "walk on the wild side"?
jana kos fall/winter collection trunk show
now thru november 9
redwood shroes, ca
personal appts available...

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